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HBB (Hasebe Business Builder) K.K. helps non-Japanese companies or individual entrepreneurs who aim to start a new business in Japan as well as Japanese companies a new business in countries except Japan. We have wide range of international business experience, and broad & well-balanced knowledge covering technologies and marketing & sales as well as corporate management. Such our specialities will certainly remove or reduce difficulties you will face with when you enter Japanese market. We help you to build a good relationship between you and your customers. Our corporate management skill will help you to proceed your business under Japanese legal, accounting and labor environment, and our technical and marketing & sales skill will help you to have smooth business discussion with your customers. With our strong and warm support you will be led to a business success.

We will help you not only to make a business strategy and plan but also to execute the plan until the end. We will always stand on your side and work with you as your colleague.


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